About us

Automation Partner

The brand PROAUT Technologies (powered by Photonics Systems Group) sees itself as a provider of complex solutions for the rationalisation and automation of manufacturing processes. We develop and manufacture for our customers not only the special machine tailored to their technology, but much more we offer customer-specific problem-solving packages.


Our special machines are the result of process optimisation. We work out the optimum process flow with our customers and then coordinate the required product solution. Whether an optimised manual workstation, semi-automatic or fully automatic machine, the important thing is to match it to your operational requirements.


The development services are carried out under the umbrella of PROAUT Technologies. Our development services are:

  • Electrical design
  • Mechanical construction
  • Image processing
  • Software development


Our special machines are commissioned on site by our service staff.

  • Connection of the media
  • Adjustment of the machine
  • Integration into the network
  • Support of production up to process maturity


The training courses are conducted by experienced service personnel. The focus is on practical work on the machine. We offer training courses tailored to the respective group of participants:

  • Operator
  • Expert
  • Maintenance technician

Contact via our sales department

Holger Salzer
Phone: +49 30 530 24 89 – 12
Mail: h.salzer@proaut.eu

Networks create added value

PROAUT TECHNOLOGY GmbH is integrated into a network of technology companies.
In the search for the best solutions, our dedicated PROAUT team can draw on proven business and scientific partners. Through this close cooperation with these partners, we are able to significantly expand our range of services, both technologically and economically.

Member of the GRW Cooperation Network